A Drummer's Testament
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Chapter III-16:  How Boys Grow Up in the Villages   <PDF file>

Boys’ work in the villages: farming, gathering food for domestic animals; festival markets: working for one another; relationship to father for support of courtship

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1. this topic joins to other previous topics

Work that young boys do

2. farming from four years old; look after animals; weaving
3. “monkey-waiters”: use wooden drum to drive monkeys away from farm; now not common
4. carrying hens and fowls to the farm

Catching termites and ants to feed hens and fowls

5. types of termites and ants
6. how the boys catch tambiegu
7. how the boys catch yoba
8. how the boys catch wurikoo

The children’s work and suffering

9. besides farming, collect firewood and grass to sell; how they help one another
10. if mistreated, children run away to other relatives; some work in town
11. boys do work with strength, but less work than girls; cannot say who suffers more
12. after eating at night, the boys sit with their fathers or with one another and tell stories

How the fathers help to get wives for the boys

13. the boys farm and work for their fathers until matured; fathers will help find wives for them
14. the good name of the father helps the boy to get a wife
15. if the boys do not work for their father, they will have difficulty to get a wife on their own
16. getting a wife is very difficult for village boys, even for grown young men
17. Muslim belief that father should get wife for son is not always standing; role of money
18. formerly not the case, but now even villages use money and not character when getting a wife
19. if a child does not help the father, the father will not help the child
20. a child who helps the parents will have respect to get a wife even if the parents are dead

Proverbs and Sayings  <top of page>

Talks come to meet one another.

Not having a child does not fear the hen-room.

If you have such children, they are more than old men.

The boy who gets a wife is someone whose father has a good name.

And if someone wants to look for something, it is his good name that he will use to get it.

God says a child’s father should find a wife for him.

God doesn’t know that we search for wives with money.

 if you have a child, you will be looking at the child.

You will have a child and the child hears your mouth.

 if you give birth to children and you are farming, you should try to force your children to be doing farming work.

Children who are good, they are putting down their goodness for themselves.

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balankon, balankona (balankɔŋ, balankona)
kokro [sound of knocking]

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Alhassan (Ibrahim)

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Miscellaneous terms
Bugim Festival (Buɣim Festival)
nosugu (nosuɣu)
tambiegu (tambiɛɣu}